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Hi guys welcome to NHA. Please try to bring other people to this academy. For each person you recruit you get 100 NHA points


 The XYZ's Mess Hall

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The XYZ's Mess Hall Empty
PostSubject: The XYZ's Mess Hall   The XYZ's Mess Hall I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 2:11 am

This is where any in the XYZ dorm goes to say what kind of cuisine they would love to try, foods they hate, and foods they love.

Myself, i hate seafood, that shit is gross, can't stand it. I love Pizza and some chinese food. I also would love to try out some french cuisine's seeing as i am part Canadian French Very Happy

I decided to make multiple different rooms for us in the dorm to get to know each other. So have fun making friends Very Happy.

The XYZ's Mess Hall YugiohLogo
The XYZ's Mess Hall XYZ's Mess Hall Tobi_by_kasukiii-d4s3oqy.jpg&set1=&set2=&inset=false&type=Warrior&description=This%20card%20cannot%20be%20destroyed%20as%20a%20result%20of%20battle.%20You%20receive%20no%20damage%20from%20attacks.%20This%20card%20can%20only%20be%20summoned%20when%20you%20have%204%20or%20more%20%22%20Akautski%22%20cards%20in%20your%20card%20graveyard
The XYZ's Mess Hall
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The XYZ's Mess Hall

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