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Hi guys welcome to NHA. Please try to bring other people to this academy. For each person you recruit you get 100 NHA points

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PostSubject: Barbie_norhan   Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:39 pm

Result of Duel: 5/20; 5 points for round One win, 5 points for round Two win, 10 points for round Three win, 10 extra points for winning both round One and Two.

Control of Duel: 5/10; Could they keep you oppressed enough to keep the upper half of the duel?

Deck Consistency: 5/10; Did they draw what they needed to keep control?

Strategy: 10/10; Was their use of cards smart or strategic?

Creativity/Originality: 10/10; Is it a common build or does it seem like their own special creation? (Be a little lenient almost every deck possible has been made already.)

Siding Skill: 0/10; Did they side correctly, or were their choices not very effective. (Just ask what cards they sided and have them show you, if they can explain why you can get full points by siding no cards still. It's simply lucky if they draw them or not.)

Rulings: 0/10; Was there any ruling problems that needed explained or incorrectly known? (Or something they didn't know at all.)

Misplays: 4/10; Did they make any incorrect moves, temporarily mess up the game state, etc.?

Attitude: 5/5; Do they seem to need an attitude adjustment? Are they rude or condescending?

Number of Cards: 0/4; 4/4 (40-42); 3/4 (43-45); 2/4 (46-50); 1/4 (51-55); 0/4 (56+)

Tier: 1/1; 1/1 (all but meta) ;0/1 (Meta)

Total: 45/100

xyz dorm

I see a universe of infinite energy
But no potential for threat from this enemy
So you can call me Tesla, Nikola, impeccably dressed
Giving lessons in electrical nemesis, this will be on the test
So confess that your thefts and let the whole world know
What the Serbian did for the Wizard of Menlo
History is getting rewritten and I have reddit
Your best invention was a way to steal credit

I want to look at myself while I work on myself. I should make a recording so I can listen to myself while I look at myself while I work on myself as I leaf through my Self magazine and read about how myself can improve myself. Maybe I’ll go to my Facebook page and look at photos of myself and read what myself has written about myself.
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