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Hi guys welcome to NHA. Please try to bring other people to this academy. For each person you recruit you get 100 NHA points


 tonystand's Re-test Results

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tonystand's Re-test Results Empty
PostSubject: tonystand's Re-test Results   tonystand's Re-test Results I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 6:09 pm

Result of Duel: 0/20
Control of Duel: 7/10
Deck Consistency: 6/10
Strategy: 6/10
Creativity/Originality: 9/10
Siding Skill: 10/10
Rulings: 4/10
Misplays: 6/10
Attitude: 5/5
Number of Cards: 4/4; 4/4 (40-42); 3/4 (42-45); 2/4 (46-50); 1/4 (51-55); 0/4 (56+)
Tier: 1/1; 1/1 (all but meta); 0/1 (Meta)

Total: 58/100

Oooh, just missed it! Sorry dude but you had no clue how some of your cards worked. On top of that, you failed to catch 2 of my major misplays that could have saved you more than you could possibly think. This place is kinda dying but stick with me and I can help you reach the next level.

Elite Hunter: 100 Only
Chaos Xyz: 99-85
Xyz Zone: 60-84
Xyz Materials: 59 and below
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tonystand's Re-test Results

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